About Us

About Work Talent Nest
Work Talent Nest is an initiative to solve the unemployment problem so caused by COVID crisis by connecting the employer and employee. This initiative will help the society to come out from uncertainty of job, uncertainty of livelihood and try to bring happiness in the society.

Why Work Talent Nest
During this COVID Crisis, businesses have impacted adversely across globe, In India, MSME sector contributes approximately 29% in our country’s GDP. Due to COVID-19, operations have been stopped and thus there is a fear among workers of losing their jobs and many workers have already lost their jobs due to scaling down of business across sectors impacted the most.

Veracity Leading Edge LLP through its arm VHRS (Verity Human Resource Solution) have conducted a survey “COVID Employee & Job Seeker Impact Survey” to understand the current employee’s situations at ground.

  • The fear is of losing job is 47% in the employees.
  • More than 50% employees want job stability.
  • Employees are losing the confidence in employers as they are scaling down the business.
As evident from the below pie chart, approx. 70% people are “NOT CALM”. Hence it is the best time to help the people who are affected by the crisis and our team has decided to bring a platform in coming days to help solve the problem.

Thus, we have decided to launch “WORK TALENT NEST” with mission “Healthy Society Healthy Nation”.

How it works?
Workers who have lost their jobs can fill an easy form designed in multiple language for their bette understanding and the data feed from job seekers end would be stored at server.
Link: https://form.jotform.com/VLEConsultants/employee

At the same time, recruiters (MSMEs/Govt Organizations/Associations) who need workers can also fill a simple form by selecting their requirements, the data feed from recruiters would also be saved at server.
Link: https://form.jotform.com/VLEConsultants/employer

Using the filter job seekers and recruiter’s data would be matched and accordingly through automation, job seeker would get to connect with Employer.
Website - http://www.talentbridge-vhrs.in/